13 Espec Materiales Explosivos

Main Objectives:

To provide graduates with the skills in the processes and techniques of handling explosives, in order to obtain industrial products meeting the standards of the military and civil sector with regards to explosives, gunpowder, and propellants.

To train highly qualified professionals in the skills required to perform competently in blasts and demolitions while guaranteeing high safety standards.

To prepare professionals in the assessment of safety standards in facilities, buildings, and offices – among others – where explosives may be present or in transport.

Specific Objectives:

To strengthen the skills in mathematics and thermodynamics required to understand the dynamics of compressible fluids.

To acquire advanced knowledge on compressible flow dynamics necessary in the study of blasting, the interaction of blast waves, compression and expansion, the workings of a rocket engine nozzle, and other phenomena associated with the chemical reaction of explosives.

To gain advanced expertise on the properties of explosives and their different applications.

To develop the necessary competence to systematically and thoroughly analyze the possible causes of explosions and fires, to reduce their risk of occurrence, and to analyze the potential consequences of an incident with explosives – thus, reducing the effects of the blast or fire.


The Armed Forces operate and administer a system of weapons which require the use of gunpowder, propellants, and explosives – commonly referred to as explosives. Their preparation and use require specialized personnel. These materials may decompose accidentally in the form of a blast. Thus, safety is of utmost priority to reduce hazards and damages from handling explosives. The appropriate method to guarantee the highest safety standards is through the study of the procedures and regulations regarding explosives – a central focus of this program. The Technical School of Higher Education (Escuela Superior Técnica) is committed to contribute on this academic pursuit, hoping to satisfy the demands of the Armed Forces, manufacturers of explosives, the National Registry of Weapons, the mining industry, and other users of explosives.