09-Laboratorio-de-ElectrónicaDuration: 5 years

Degree: Electronic Engineer

Director of Studies: Engineer CARLOS ALBERTO BRONZINI

Accredited with the highest standard, by the National University Assessment and Accreditation Commission.

The career is organized with a basic two-year cycle that comprises the curricula of engineering careers in all specializations. This allows students to merge to another engineering career during that period without having to re-attend classes.

Later on, during the three-year specialization course, deep knowledge is obtained in both basic and applied technologies.

During five years, students are devoted to working in the labs, projects and designs, and to their professional practice.

Our graduates are competent to design, plan and carry out feasibility studies, management, construction, installation, maintenance and improvement of electronic equipment related systems; and assess problems related to the career specialism, in diverse contexts.

The Electronic Engineering Career Plan contemplates the demands and recommendations that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has established, through the National University Assessment and Accreditation Commission (CONEAU), for all Engineering Careers in Argentina. The career has been accredited for six years since 2012.