01 Laboratorio de InformáticaDuration: 5 years

Degree: Computer Science Engineer

Director of Studies: Engineer Alejandro Arroyo Arzubi

Accredited with the highest standard, by the National University Assessment and Accreditation Commission.

The graduate in computer science will be a competent professional for analysis, diagnosis, design and problem solving related to information systems and their transmission through communication systems.

These competences include working on systems of general administrative character, specific application to particular cases of industrial processes, and security.

The Computer Science Engineer degree granted by the EST, contemplates the demands and recommendations established by Regulation Number 2768/92, approved by the Argentinean Ministry of Culture and Education.  It also complies with specific activities proposed by the CONFEDI (Federal Council of Engineering Deans) for Engineering in Information Systems and Computer Engineering”.

Among the activities developed by the students, they participate actively in Research and Project Development (Applied Research), with special focus in dual application areas: Software Engineering, Simulation, Network Computing, Cryptography and Information Security.

There is, moreover, a direct articulation of the career with the Postgraduate Specialization in Cryptography and Network Computing Security.

The occupational field of a computer engineer involves:

Managing and organizing the IT area in all kinds of organizations, in order to determine the profile of potential and existing human resources and contribute to their selection and training according to the organization’s needs.

Planning, designing, managing and training users in software application and use.

Determine and monitor compliance with technical standards, rules and procedures directing the operation and use of software.

Develop, design, implement and / or evaluate methods and standards to be followed in matters of security for information and data, which is processed produced and / or transmitted by the software.