04 Laboratorio de SuelosDuration: 5 years

Degree:  Surveyor Engineer with concentration in Geography

Our future engineers acquire solid technical and scientific knowledge – as well as comprehensive training – to create and assume managerial and advising roles in different activities involving land surveying, geosciences, topography, geodesy, and processing and editing of geospatial data.

  • In addition to these specific skills – such as surveying, valuation, cadastral surveying, urban and rural planning, as well as rural, agrology, and thematic mapping – our program fosters the necessary competencies to address the design, development, maintenance, and upgrading of fundamental geodetic reference systems and their field applications. At the same time, our rigorous training observes the latest international standards and norms to accomplish the highest levels of precision and reliability.

    Moreover, graduates are able to plan, develop, maintain, and upgrade the production of cartography which – depending on scale – ranges from cadastral surveys to maps, and comprises topographic base maps – such mappings represent different surfaces, using all current tools and media. Our graduates engage in re-engineering studies involving collection, preservation, editing, and communication of geospatial data, along with implementation of SDI (spatial data infrastructure). Engineers may conduct feasibility assessments of geo topographic and cartographic studies to obtain special and thematic mappings.

    Finally, surveyor engineers are able to competently handle, capture, and interpret cadastral and geographic data from remote sensing equipment such as satellites, radar, or aerial imagery – including the implementation, organization, and operation of TIS and GIS (Territorial Information System / Geographic Information System).