02 Laboratorio de Química

Duration: 5 years

Degree:  Chemical Engineer

Program Director: BRIG-GEN Staff Officer Military Engineer Guillermo Alberto Sevilla

Our program observes the requirements and recommendations defined by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, through the National Commission of University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU). It has established the standards for all engineering programs in our country. On this basis, the Chemical Engineering Program has been accredited, following the procedures determined by Resolution N° 588/03 of CONEAU.

In addition, it follows the recommendations established by the Federal Council of Deans of Engineering (CONFEDI), published in the so called blue book, issued after a series of workshops organized by the Council to standardize engineering programs in the country.

The program is organized in a two-year basic track common to all engineering programs. In case of transferring to a related field, the structure provides students with the necessary flexibility to avoid losing course credits,

The last three years of the program focus on applied training in the skills and professional qualifications of the chemical engineering practice, approved by Resolution Nº 2768/92 of the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Our graduates hone their skills to plan, install, administer, and manage chemical enterprises. In addition, they are able to participate in research and development activities, as well as provide consulting services within the field in multi-disciplinary projects and undertakings.

A degree of chemical engineering qualifies to study, assess, project, manage, construct, install, inspect, operate, and maintain:

  • Chemical, physicochemical and bioengineering enterprises and their complementary facilities.
  • Facilities in which unitary operations or unitary industrial processes take place.
  • Environmental facilities involving polluting effluents from the industries mentioned in the previous paragraphs.


Complementarily, professional competencies of the Chemical Engineering degree include the study, activity, and consulting of:


  • Feasibility in the industrial use of natural resources and raw materials undergoing transformation in the production of new goods.
  • Planning, programming, managing, organizing, rationalizing, control, and optimization of industrial processes in related industries.
  • Legal, economic, and financial engineering issues related to the previous paragraphs.
  • Arbitrage, audit, and valuation.
  • Health, industrial safety, and environmental issues.