08 Laboratorio de AutomotoresDuration: 5 yearsDegree:  Automotive Mechanical Engineer

Program Director: Eng. OSVALDO PIANTINO

Our program observes the requirements and recommendations established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for all engineering programs in our country. It is accredited with Resolution 585/03 of the National Commission of University Evaluation and Accreditation. (CONEAU)

The program is organized in a two-year basic track common to all engineering programs. In case of transferring to a related field, the structure provides students with the necessary flexibility to avoid losing course credits,

The last three years of the program focus on applied training in the skills and professional qualifications of the automotive engineering practice, approved by Resolution Nº 2768/92 of the Ministry of Culture and Education

Throughout the program, our graduates hone their analytical and synthesis proficiency to frame problems within rational solutions, adequately assessing time requirements and costs. To accomplish this goal, the program focus on modern physical and mathematical tools combined with requirements from theoretical and applied sciences and intensive practical experience.

In addition, they learn the importance of teamwork, acquiring expertise to successfully take part in civil or military organizations of any size.

The Ministry of Education – through resolution Nº 1232 – establishes the qualifications reserved to the practice of a mechanical engineer. It enables graduates to: study, assess, design, plan, manage, construct, install, implement, operate, test, maintain, repair, modify, overhaul and inspect:

  • Mechanical, thermal, and fluid-dynamic systems and/or their parts and components included in other systems, and intended to the generation, transformation, regulation, conduction, and application of mechanical energy.
  • Labs of all types related to the previous point, except civil and industrial works.
  • Control, automatization, and industrial robotic systems.
  • Performance tests, essays, structural analysis, and failure testing of metallic and non-metallic materials used in mechanical systems
  • The study, management, and consulting of:
  • Legal, economic, and financial engineering related to issues from the previous paragraphs.
  • Arbitrage, audit, and valuation related to issues from the previous paragraphs.
  • Health, industrial safety, and environmental issues from the previous paragraphs