Introduction of the Escuela Superior Técnica (EST)

Cnl My ANFUSO 2015The Escuela Superior Técnica “Grl Div MANUEL NICOLÁS SAVIO” –Army Engineering School– is an academic unit subsidiary of the IUE – Instituto Universitario del Ejército. Established in 1930, by the then Lieutenant Colonel Manuel Nicolás Savio (forefather of the “STS” movement – Science, Technology and Society), in order to instruct Specialized Officers on the different branches of military technique, training them to obtain the best performance out of war materials and contribute to the solution of National Defense related problems. 

Given the priority nature of the Engineering Careers for the National Development, in 1993, the school opened its doors to the community at large.

Since then, it allows entry to all applicants (military and civilian) who wish to be educated in an academic environment that fosters:



-       Rigorous training in engineering science, development of interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship, independent learning and development of awareness of the problems inherent in national defense and society as a whole.

-       The training to understand context and develop performance skills, with creative and innovative capabilities.

-       The ethical profile of our graduates, which is a complex and important aspect related to prospective situations they might face in life.

In this regard we hope to support and strengthen the already acquired knowledge, and provide our students with principles that account for the right and fair action.

Consequently, there are more than 1300 engineering graduates, military and civilian. The quality of education acquired by these successive promotions formed on the latest scientific and technological knowledge, has fostered technical and operational development of the Army, and has also contributed ever since to the growth of Argentine´s basic industries.

The postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate careers are complemented by regular and complementary courses, in priority areas from the institutional perspective with projection to the society as well as opportunities for research, transference and institutional exchange.

As from the year 2000, the traditional on-campus educational offering is enriched, adding  new alternatives of distance classes through the Riccheri Virtual Campus from the Distance Education System of the Argentine Army ( Facilitating the fulfillment of the proposal for a “Lifelong education with equal opportunities” upheld by the General Education Direction (Dirección General de Educación) of the Argentine Army.

In all cases, the curricula purports to provide the greatest contribution as possible, starting from the management of knowledge, to the fulfillment of the Army’s general objective: “To constitute an armed force with the ability to defend the interests of our nation; which contributes to its scientific, technological, economic and social development; and that cooperates to achieve the general welfare of its people”.

It is in this context that, from my role as the Director/Dean, I call for all members of the EST, to work collaboratively as a team so as to serve the community as a whole.

Coronel Military Engineer Héctor Daniel Anfuso

Director – Dean