Grid Desktop Computing to Evaluate Cryptographic Algorithms.  Read PDF


Detection of Infrastructures with Anomalous Public Keys.  Read PDF


Period and Recursion Length of the Algorithms Trivium and Trivium Toy.  Read PDF


Convergent Network Server. Read PDF


Immersive Simulation with Augmented Reality. Read PDF


CR and SDR Techniques in Rural Communications. Read PDF


Anomaly Search in a Public Key Infrastructure OPENSSL v1.0 1e. Read PDF (In English)


Model Design for a Reduced Variant of a Trivium Type Stream Cipher. Read PDF (In English)


Analysis of Radio Communication Solutions in Small and Isolated Communities the IEEE 802 22 Standard. Read PDF (In English)


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in Argentina. Read PDF


Cost-Efficient Use of Electric Energy. Read PDF 


Biotechnological Processes in the Chemical Industry.  Read PDF 


Wavelet-based Combined Kalman Algorithm for Signal Noise Filtering. Read PDF 


Effects on Nafion® 117 Membrane Uusing Different Strong Acids In Various Concentrations. Read PDF (In English) 


Multigrid Methods on Semi-Structured Grids for Navier-Stokes Equations. Read PDF 


Electronic Board for Data Acquisition and Storage. Read PDF 


Infinitely Oscillating Wavelets and an FFT-based Efficient Algorithm. Read PDF 


Ash Analysis from Puyehue Volcano. Read PDF


Development of Pulsejet Engines for UAV Propulsion.Read PDF


Research Project: “Sequences of Prime Numbers with Decreasing Gaps” (EST-069): Access to results of a recent demonstration of the cumulative distribution of primes, related to Cryptography.