PEM HYDROGEN FUEL CELL Design and implement a fuel cell stack using PEMFCs. The stack shall be capable of delivering an output higher than 0.1 kilowatt (ca. 200 W).Within this framework, establish the scientific and technological basis for prototypes delivering higher levels of electric output.Transfer the expertise to the community.


Fasoli, Ph.D.


DATA GATHERING AIRSHIP FOR DECISION MAKING AND CONTROL Develop and implement an unmanned aerial vehicle transporting a digital video camera, or a VHF/UHF trans-receptor to enhance communications coverage. The prototype shall have the following features: high range, structural simplicity, and straight-forward commands.

Eng. Edgardo Tiscornia

DEVELOPMENT OF AN OPTOELECTRONIC SYSTEM FOR ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT Build a system to record the dynamics of the atmosphere (evolution of the outer layer, cloud and aerosol transport), as well as its radioactive properties (assessment of optical extinction and the Ångström coefficient of clouds and aerosols), and its transformations (night aerosol hygroscopic analysis).

Eduardo Jaime Quel, Ph.D.


DEVELOPMENT OF A GTEM CELL Develop a GTEM (Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic) cell for testing electromagnetic compatibility and guaranteeing the interoperability of different systems and electronic devices in various environments – vital to all current technological developments.

Eng. Norberto Dalmas Di Giovanni


DEVELOPMENT OF AN INHIBITOR PASTE Elaborate the formula for an inhibitor paste to be applied on the inner walls of the combustion chamber in a composite propellant fuel rocket. The product must combine chemically with the propellant while poured into the chamber.

BRIG-GEN Staff Officer (R Art 62) Guillermo Alberto Sevilla


DESIGN OF STRUCTURES RESISTANT TO ACCIDENTAL BLASTS Develop a numerical calculation method for the design of a reinforced concrete blast resistant structure. As point of departure, research shall focus on the physical-chemical properties of an explosive and then simulate analytically the effects of the blast and the dynamic behavior of the structure. Such structure should be able to contain the products of explosion, avoiding any environmental hazard.

Adolfo Edgardo Altenberg, Ph.D.


DESIGN AND ESTIMATE OF A MULTIFUEL HYBRID VEHICLE Design a two-seater vehicle with a metallic tubular structure. The features of the prototype shall consist of: 8HP internal combustion engine, coupled generator, battery stack, propulsion electrical engines, and an auxiliary photovoltaic system.

Eng. Gerardo Imbrioscia


QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF WATERSHEDS (RECONQUISTA RIVER) Assess the chemical and mathematical methods used in the estimation of the water quality index (WQI).Analyze the effectiveness of the WQI in evaluating the quality of water supply, establishing water uses, and/or monitoring its evolution through space and time.

Mónica E. Lopez Sardi


GRIPPER FOR RESCUE SERVICES AND HANDLING OF EXPLOSIVES Develop a gripper prototype with the following features: joystick remote control and video camera monitoring actions; ability to grab objects and individuals; durability of materials to withstand shocks from impact against walls of the deployment area; reduced volume or size to allow for movement in limited spaces.

COL (R – Art. 62) OIM Hugo Eduardo Pochon


INMERSIN(DEVELOPMENT OF COMPONENT-BASED SOFTWARE OF IMMERSIVE SIMULATION TO TRAIN MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAMS) Develop software components of immersive simulation to train multidisciplinary teams.

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler


40 MM GRENADE LAUNCHER Develop the expertise and technology to manufacture a portable 40 mm grenade launcher of the M-203 type. At a later stage, acquire the skills to design an automatic grenade launcher.

Eng. Javier Garibaldi


DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL BY AUTOMATIC CORRELATION Given the increasing uses of elevation data in military terrain evaluation (accessibility, avenues of approach, key terrains, and others), in engineering (public works), and in environmental risk assessment (floods), it is considered highly beneficial to establish optimal methods as to accomplish the objectives for each case and to provide parameters for effectivity assessment of the resulting model.

Eng. Mario Kohen


UPGRADE OF THE LIGHTWEIGHT AUTOMATIC RIFLE (FAL) CAL 7.62 MM Using the current FAL as a basic platform, implement upgrading alternatives by incorporating different accessories which shall enhance the weapon´s performance.

Col Staff Officer Miguel Ángel Padilla


3-AXIS STABILIZING PLATFORM WITH DIGITAL CAMERA FOR HANDS-ON OPERATION OR REMOTE USE Develop, build, and implement a control system of a 3-axis stabilizing platform with a digital video camera for hands-on or remote operation, using three continuous engines and an IMU consisting of gyroscopes, MEMS-based accelerometers, and a microcontroller.

 Maj Col

Staff Officer Héctor Daniel Anfuso


RDS(ASSESSMENT AND EXPERIMENTAL TESTING OF DIGITAL PROCESSING SOFTWARE TECHONOLOGIES APPLIED TO RADIOCOMMUNICATIONS) Engage in the analysis of digital processing software technologies applied to telecommunications to achieve proficient technological foundations for local wireless communications at a low cost and high accessibility.

Eng. Ricardo Vecchio


PUBLIC COMMUNITY NETWORKS Find solutions for improved coverage in the last mile, as to reach greater distances using IEEE recommended practices 802.16 and 802.22– the latter drafted specifically for rural areas.

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler


DECREASING SEQUENCES OF PRIMES Improve the algorithmic results from previous research work and their effective application to cryptography; explore the possible mathematical proof showing that triplets satisfying the property under analysis shall have nonzero density; generalize the results to finite sequences of consecutive primes.

Daniel Prelat, Ph.D.


AUTONOMOUS AIMING SYSTEM FOR FIELD ARTILLERY (SIPAAC) Develop and manufacture a prototype for an autonomous aiming system. Such device may be used in CITER 155mm L33 model guns, OTO-MELARA Mod 56 105mm (in use by the Argentine Army as well as the Marine Infantry), mortars of 120mm, CALIV (105 mm lightweight gun currently in development by CITEDEF), VCA PALMARIA 155mm, ANX 13 155mm, and adaptable to any tube material available in our country.

Eduardo Serrano, Ph.D.


INTEGRATING SYSTEM OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY Considering the current energy crisis, experiment with an alternative center for the intelligent generation of different sources of single-phase AC power of at most one Kilowatt.

Eng. Carlos Alberto Bronzini


STREAM CIPHERS(PROPERTY AND VULNERABILITY ANALYSIS OF STREAM CIPHER PSEUDO-RANDOM GENERATORS OF THE TRIVIUM FAMILY) Analyze and develop a new family of stream cipher generators of the type TRIVIUM-BIVIUM Toy, in which the size of the NLFSRs are significantly reduced by modifying the feedback points while maintaining invariant the principles of the original design.

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler


TREATMENT METHOD OF ARSENIC CONTAMINATED WATER FOR HOME USE Make a risk map assessment of arsenic contaminated waters in facilities of the Argentine Army, and their purification at a small scale.Develop simple and cost-efficient mechanisms to effectively eliminate arsenic from the water supply under the following criteria: low maintenance, minimal residue generation, and independence from inputs located distant from the intake point.

Fernando Yonni


ULTRACOM(HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SYSTEM FOR CRYPTANALYSIS APPLICATIONS) Facilitate distributed multipurpose computing capabilities for – as first application – the analysis, validation, and stress testing of cryptographic systems; and – extensively – validate the system to other applications such as the evaluation of random generator algorithms in digital communication systems. The same validation shall be applied to cryptographic software or firmware or to stochastic simulation components.

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler


UNICOM(UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS SERVER FOR COMMAND AND CONTROL) Implement a system integrating the following networks: radio, public switched telephone (PSTN), private brand exchange (PBX), and cellular. Such system shall enable person to person communications (voice and data) regardless of the available media (radio or telephone).

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler


UNCONVENTIONAL USE OF SHAPED CHARGES Study experimentally and model mathematically the performance of shaped charges and their effects on targets, as well as assess the parameters that modify and restrict them.

Eng. Juan Hipólito Cuesta


Find an auditing procedure to evaluate performance unreliability of a PKI (public key infrastructure) prior to a system breach originated from possible weaknesses. The results shall foster later development of an auditing software tool.

Eng. Antonio Castro Lechtaler