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(With financial support from FIA – International Automobile Federation)

The graduate program grants the degree of Specialist in Transport Operations with area of concentration in ground transportation, aviation, or ship transportation – depending on the chosen field, granted by Resolution N° 11.217/12 of the Ministry of Education and discussed in session N° 391/13 by CONEAU, on December 16th, 2013.

A graduate from the program:

  • Shall acquire proficiency in the area of transport operations and training in its applied fields.
  • Shall acquire skills to provide consulting services – freelance or within an organization – in different public or private institutions and organizations.
  • Shall master analytical methods and apply them to transport operations.
  • Shall hone the required conceptual tools to evaluate projects in the creation or transformation of transportation systems of either cargo or passengers.

The program lasts one year and a half.