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Main Objectives:

The main objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To create a unifying interdisciplinary environment and to encourage the engaging potential of social actors involved in the field of study.
  • To promote transportation as a field of academic pursuit, fostering the production of theoretical and, specially, applied work.
  • To train professionals with the advanced skills of the discipline and the specific tools required in transport operations of civil society and National Defense.
  • To strengthen the skills and abilities of military and civilian professionals in the notions of quality and safety in the operation of transportation systems, granting priority to environmental concerns and protection.
  • To support the advancement of graduate studies towards a master´s program in the field or a related area.


Organized societies condition their mobility and economics through their transportation systems. Its significance relies on the close relationship to issues of National Defense. Within this context, the geographical configuration of Argentina and its neighboring region deserves special consideration.

Nonetheless, the fundamental rationale supporting a graduate degree on transportation issues rely on the need to establish the distinction between the subject matter (transportations systems) and the conceptual treatment of the object according to the academic characteristics on that level. From this distinction, transportation systems can be included in the fields of Management and the subfields of Strategic Operations and Management. Hence, the program seeks to promote a specialized discipline of Transport Operations for its contribution to the rationalization and optimization of the services and systems involved, and the evaluation of projects, which constitute the academic and professional pursuit of this program.