Grants for undergraduate students

For those alumni from:

-       Technical Colleges

-       Military High Schools

-       Military Institute Dámaso Centeno:

Full Tuition

50% Tuition

Eligibility requirement:To rank amongst THREE (3) best achievers from each institution (*) Eligibility requirement:To rank amongst FIVE (5) best achievers from each institution (**)


* This benefit is awarded only to one (1) student per educational institution.

** This benefit is granted only to two (2) students per educational institution.

Grants for freshmen students  

Merit-based grant

Full Tuition

50% Tuition

25% Tuition







  1. All of the above mentioned grants are subjected to average based on performance results.
  2. Freshmen who reach an average mark of EIGHTY (80) % or higher in the university entrance exam.
  3. Engineering students from 2nd through 5th year with an average performance result of sixty (60) points or higher, achieved by the end of the academic term.


Postgraduate Grants

Annually, the deans office determines the number of scholarships to be granted per Career and the benefits that each one will include.




The National Bicentennial Scholarship Program (PNBB) for Scientific and Technical Careers, grants scholarships to low-income students entering or pursuing a career in the higher education system in any of the following fields of study: applied sciences, natural sciences, and basic sciences (including undergraduate, university and non-university higher education technical programs and teacher training colleges), as well as to those advanced students currently attending the last two years of engineering careers, from 3-15 subjects away from completing their studies.




-       Students who have been beneficiaries in 2013 and want to renew the benefit in the year 2014.

-       Freshmen entering National Universities, National Institutes University Institutes or INET or in some priority INFD career in the year 2014.

-       Students who are far advanced in their first career in National Universities, National Institutes University Institutes or INET or INFD.

-       Students soon to graduate in engineering, attending the last two years of their career and who are 3-15 subjects away from completing their studies.




The benefit consists on a differential amount, from 2013, ranging from AR$ 8,640 to                  AR$ 20,736 per year for students entering an undergraduate degree, and AR$ 7,200 to AR$ 8,640 annually for those entering Higher Education studies other than university careers.

The payment of the annual allocation shall be done in 10 installments

For more information and registration enter



Government Financial Aid Program. It consists on financial aid for young people ranging from 18 to 24 years of age, who do not work, or work informally with lower income rates lower than or equivalent to the Minimum wage. It purports to help young students complete their studies at all educational levels.

This program will provide additional assistance for the employment of young people through the Ministry of Labour and for childcare through the Ministry of Social Development, when necessary to facilitate attendance of students who are parents.

The annual grant amount is AR$ 7.200-

Registration can be done through:  by completing the registration form, or at any ANSES office.

Eligibility requirement: Argentine residents only.


Program “Engineers for Defense General Manuel Nicolas Savio”

This initiative aims at promoting engineering studies in two academic units: Escuela Superior Técnica (Army Engineering University) and Aeronautical University Institute. In addition, it  purports to strengthen policies of National Defense through the implementation of oriented education and training for professionals in different disciplines of engineering, to serve the development of the industry consolidating the production model and the creation of activities employment driven by the national government.

This program is based on the belief that in order to achieve and ensure productive sovereignty it is necessary to strengthen the production of advanced knowledge and training systems.

The Action Plan 2014-2015 proposes, among other objectives, joint engineering careers with other instances of training in the Ministry of Defense and to promote the retention and graduation of engineering students from EST.