Ingeniería Electrónica

  • Equipment
    • Spectrum Analyzers.
    • Synthesizer and generator.
    • Digital counter.
    • Oscilloscopes.
    • Power, distortion, modulation and figure of merit meters.
    • Generators: audio, dual tone and pulse.
    • Vector voltmeter.
    • Differential voltmeter.
    • Gain and phase meter.
    • Impedance meter.


    Capacities and possible trials

    • Low and high frequency components.
    • Dielectric constant in radio frequency.
    • Coax features.
    • Time and frequency.
    • Audio frequency systems.
    • Harmonic content in receivers.
    • Transmitters.
    • Measurements and special electronic tests on request. All these measurements can be performed in the temperature range of -40 to 100 Degrees Celsius.