Our mission


Our mission is to train undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate professionals, to master specific areas of knowledge, thus contributing with highly specified human resources to society, who are capable of participating in production projects, technological innovations, technological developments and research, thereby contributing to overall national development.


This involves training our graduates with:


  • A critical capacity to understand the world in which they live and act.
  •  The capacity and capability to innovate.
  • The ability to pose, from a scientific background supported by ethical values, possible and desirable solutions to specific problems faced by future generations.


Indeed, the following values are privileged:

  • A personalized instruction, maximizing the student’s capabilities.
  • A challenging academic level, sustained by the quality of its teachers.
  • The use of modern laboratories, available to the different careers we offer.
  • The formation of research teams.
  •  A fluid relationship with the business and institutional world, through an appropriate technological linkage.