08 Laboratorio de AutomotoresThe Automotive Lab is equipped with:

  • Equipment: 
    • Voltage and electric power tests for mono-phase and three-phase electric power.
    • Gas analyzer and opacimeter.
    • Wheel alignment optical and manual gauge.
    • Automotive verification kit: steering, brakes and suspension.
    • Test bench with variable compression engine.
    • Test benches: gas turbines, electronic ignition systems, and ABS brakes.
    • Oil hydraulic circuit test bench
    • Wind tunnel and hydraulic channel
    • Industrial 5-axle robotic arm


    Feasible testing capacity:

    • Engines of up to 500 HP and 10.000 rpm (electric bench).
    • Engines of up to 600 HP and 4.000 rpm (hydraulic bench).
    • Wheel horsepower of up to 200 kW and up to 200 km/h.
    • Diesel and gas vehicle exhaust emissions.
    • Verification of brake and suspension systems. (current traffic law)
    • Motorcycle certification.