11 Sistemas de Control


The creation of the program Specialist in Control Systems falls within a process of expansion of the academic goals in the area of graduate studies of the Technical School of Higher Education (Escuela Superior Técnica), constituent of the Institute of Higher Education of the Army (Instituto de Enseñanza Superior del Ejército)

It provides an educational opportunity of great institutional significance because it enhances our pursuit of knowledge on new technological breakthroughs essential to professional development.

The program delves into a field of current importance, despite that several years have passed since control systems were used first in the landings on the moon. Present advances make possible to perform surgery with a patient on one continent and the surgeon across the Atlantic. Nowadays, robot assisted surgery is a reality, among other diverse developments and applications that control systems have provided to science and technology.

In addition and beyond these contextual aspects, the program meets the demands of graduates and professionals from any university who demonstrate an interest on the field, either based on work or personal initiatives.

CONTROL SYSTEMS are used in most phases of technological processes, such as:

  1. Processing industries – such as petroleum, chemistry, steel, energy, and food – apply these systems for the control of temperature, pressure, and flow – among other variables.
  2. Manufacturing of industrial products apply these systems to control the processes of assembly, production, thermal treatment, and similar operations.
  3. Transportation systems in general – trains, airplanes, and ships – rely on control systems for their operations.
  4. Other applications of control systems are:
  • sounding rockets,
  • satellite carriers and warfare,
  • guidance and navigation systems, and
  • artillery detection and target prediction.

The three areas of concentration– Industries, Weapons, and Transportation – are evidence of the widespread scope of the field. In this sense, the Technical School of Higher Education (Escuela Superior Técnica) is committed to provide funding in the creation and improvement of lab facilities for robotics, weapons, and automotive. Thus, this effort enhances the academic experience and sets forth efforts to improve the personnel and physical capabilities of the institution, aiming to satisfactorily meet new technological requirements.